We are giving meat, produce and canned goods to 330+ Ukrainian refugees every two weeks. They are in the U.S. legally but are waiting months for paperwork so they can get jobs.

Son Explains There Is No Food at Home!

Sadly often children have to explain the situations at home that have left them with no food such as losing jobs to COVID-19.

See the Food Volunteers Give Away

Volunteers from all walks of life and from throughout the county come to help us feed our hungry neighbors.
Child Interprets for Mother to Ask for Her
This young girl did a masterful job of interpreting for her mother, who spoke only Spanish. She explained that that there was very little food at home. And that they had borrowed a car to come apply for help but had to return it soon. Our fabulous volunteers made sure they got 100+ lbs. of meat, fish, eggs, blueberries, bread and canned goods — during a downpour.

Thankful Mother and 3 Wonderful Children

This family was overwhelmed by the quality, variety and amount of healthy food they received — and large bags of Christmas gifts for the children.
Student Thanks Donors & Volunteers for Food

Our phones have been ringing off their hooks as people who have never asked for food before are calling for help.

Young Woman Laid Off and Needs Food

Tens of thousands of our neighbors have lost their jobs and now are struggling to eat.

Woman Returns to Pantry After Losing Job

So many of our families live paycheck to paycheck, and when they lose their jobs there is no money for food.

Father Looking for Food for Children

ens of thousands of neighbors have lost their jobs and are looking for food for their families.

Every 40 Seconds a Vehicle Is Filled With Food

Our dedicated volunteers work in unison to fill a vehicle with food much like a Nascar pit crew.

UMC Parking Lot Fills With Vehicles

The line of vehicles is constantly moving forward toward our tents where the food is kept.

Disabled Veteran Served in Army and Marines

Veterans have a special place in our heart, especially those who came home with disabilities.

Dozens of local disabled veterans receive food from our pantry, including several that get deliveries because they don’t have vehicles.

At Thanksgiving 3 veterans showed up together to register for holiday food. While filling out paperwork they mentioned how they had banded together to collect bottles and cans to recycle to get a few dollars of gas to come register.

How sad that those who have protected our country struggle for food and transportation.

Blind Woman Receives Deliveries

Our dedicated volunteers delivery meat, vegetables, fruit, bread and canned and dry goods to about 60 people with disabilities, including several veterans.

11 Mouths to Feed

The majority of our families come from disadvantaged minority communities.

Many Seniors STruggling to Find a Meal

Lee is a former engineer who reads astro physics books while waiting for his food. His wife is blind and 96-years-old. They are perfect examples of hardworking, wonderful people who just can’t afford to eat.

Putting Food in Vehicles is Like a NASCAR pit stop

Every volunteer has a task, you get the lettuce, I’ll get the chicken, she’ll add the bread and he will load the box of canned goods. As many as a dozen volunteers take turns placing the food in vehicles in a precise order so they will fit best.

Mom & Daughter Celebrate Ice & Water

After Hurricane Irma many poor neighbors suffered without power for many days.

Mother with Infant Says Thanks for Water, Ice & Food

Families without power lost all of their food and a week of work and struggled to pay their bills.

Migrant Mother Wasn’t Expecting to Celebrate Thanksgiving

This young mother, child and husband are thankful our volunteers and donors helped them have a bountiful meal at Thanksgiving.

Kettia Took 3 Buses and Walked a Mile in the Rain

About These Videos

From time-to-time we ask people waiting in line to receive food and those who receive deliveries if they would like to say anything to all of our marvelous donors. These are some of their heartfelt thank-yous.


   Make checks out to Feed the Hungry Pantry of Palm Beach County and mail to Jacquie Shorter, 8306 155th Place North, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

 Please consider a monthly gift.

   We are a 501(c)(3) charity and you will receive tax credit. Since we are a mostly volunteer organization, every dollar goes to acquire, transport, store and give away nutritious food for the needy.