Since the campaign launched Thursday, June 8, we raised $25,396.50 toward the match and got another $5,000 toward the matching money raising our goal to $55,000. We raised another $55,000 total and will have $110,000 to fight hunger this summer. Thanks, everyone!

Original Email: Free school cafeteria breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and sometimes dinners are how tens of thousands of our neighbors’ children get most of their food. Please help us help them.

They struggle to find meals during summer vacation.

We have a $40,000 matching grant pledge, which means we get $40,000 IF we raise a matching $40,000 – $80,000 TOTAL — enough to provide 2.7 million meals.

We expect the worst summer in memory when it comes to finding food to feed Palm Beach County families.

The escalating rent crisis has created a record number of moms and dads asking Feed the Hungry Pantry for food at a time when many foundations and government agencies are pulling back from supporting hunger, food prices are at record highs, and federal assistance for food stamps and Medicaid has been cut back.

With your help, we are already giving milk, eggs, cheese, fish, produce, meat, bread, and canned goods to 10,000+ families every week, including 1,100+ starving seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities who get deliveries. 

A recent United Way of Palm Beach County survey showed requests for food up about 36% at local pantries.

Meanwhile, there is little food at the food banks. Other donations have dried up. The growing season is over.

We need support buying food, rescuing food, and paying for transportation to bring truckloads of donated food from Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Georgia.

To donate, visit and click on E-Giving along the top right of the page. To see thankful Moms & Dads say thank you, click on Videos top left of the page.

Or mail checks to Feed the Hungry Pantry PBC to 8306 155th Place North, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

If you’d like to add to the $40,000 matching amount, email me at or call 561-398-2828.

We can accept stock gifts. We are Platinum rated by GuideStar and all donations are tax-deductible.


Dan & Jacquie